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Drugs in Abuse Alcohol (ETG)

Alcohol test in urine. ETG Cut OFF 500ng / ml.

The methods of detecting alcohol consumption so far have a serious drawback. Both expired breath analysis methods and methods of detecting alcohol in oral fluid are valid only if the subject has consumed at the same time or in a short period of time before the test. This is very valid to know if the subject is under the influence of alcohol (eg in traffic controls), but we are unable to control the medium term consumption, as we do with other drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, etc., etc.

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Acerca de este análisis

The new test marketed by allows to control abstinence. Ethyl Glucuronide (ETG) is the metabolite that forms the body after drinking alcohol. Our urine ETG test is a quick test that can be carried out without any additional instrumentation, just like we do with our entire line of urine tests. With a Cut-Of agreed by the SAMHSA for greater reliability, we can now offer a step forward in the control of abstinence.