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Analysis of toxic elements

Continued exposure to toxic elements could be damaging to our health. Analyse any toxic element in your workplace or home and find out whether you are being exposed to any type of damaging or dangerous substance.

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About this analysis

Intoxications can be determined by matrices like urine and/or blood with which we obtain information about whether a toxic substance has been consumed recently. However, to ascertain whether an individual is suffering from a long-term intoxication and is intoxicated, a hair analysis is recommended. 

As hair grows very slowly (about 1cm/month) and continuously, it incorporates drugs, medicine, heavy metals and all types of substances circulating in the bloodstream. So, the detection of certain levels of heavy metals or other toxic substances in people’s hair is a very good indication of a chronic intoxication (months even years) in the body.

Our laboratory can detect virtually all types of heavy metals, in addition to pesticides in any type of sample, whether biological, urine and hair or water, vegetables, meat, fruit juices...