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Drug analysis

Verify the consumption of drugs or exposure to toxic elements with the most reliable techniques. We are specialists in the analysis of commonly abused drugs, like cocaine, ecstasy, MDMA, THC and other types of toxic substances.

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Acerca de este análisis

At the Toxicology Department of NEODIAGNOSTICA S.L., we detect the consumption of DRUGS and other medicines through urine, blood and hair tests. In urine tests, we can conduct both preliminary tests through IMMUNOCHROMATOGRAPHY and ELISA tests and confirmatory tests through GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY MASS SEPCTOMETRY that enable us to determine lots of different drugs in their unaltered form and their metabolites. As regards to hair, we only conduct confirmatory analysis with which we can go back in time to establish a chronology of the consumption. The dates of the period of consumption can be set as you wish.

We can also detect intoxications of HEAVY METALS and PESTICIDES through biological samples of hair and urine. We also offer the possibility of detecting toxic residues such as dioxins, phytosanitary contaminants, mycotoxins, etc. in air, water and food.