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Doubts about brotherhood between males who are supposed to share the same father

Siblingship DNA tests enable a study of the Y chromosome between two males to be conducted and any doubts regarding their paternal origin to be clarified. The study of the Y chromosome enables studies on family lineage to be conducted.

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About this analysis

Only men have the Y chromosome. Women have two X chromosomes. The Y chromosome transmits exclusively from fathers to sons, so all the sons of the same biological father will have the same Y chromosome.

Our study of the Y chromosome, based on STRs enables comparing the profile of the Y chromosome between different brothers participating in the test. If it coincides, we can be sure that they are brothers with the same biological father, with a reliability in excess of 99.99%. The participants are brothers with the same father.

However, if they do not coincide, it will reveal that the participants are not sons of the same biological father and therefore, not paternal brothers, with a reliability of 100%.

This particular inheritance of the Y chromosome enables family lineage studies through the father, beyond disappeared generational links, to be performed. In other words, we can document a single Y chromosome between a male individual and their paternal grandfather, or even several earlier members in the fathers’ lineage.