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Paternity test

The DNA paternity test enables you to learn who the biological mother of a child is, with TOTAL reliability.

We inherit half of our genetic material (DNA) from our mother and the other half from our father. This enables us to know who our parents are, with no doubt whatsoever.

Our Paternity Test includes two genetic profiles for analysis, the alleged father and a child.

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About this analysis

DNA analysis enables any doubt regarding the paternity of a child to be resolved.

The paternity test is based on the comparison of genetic profiles of the alleged father and the child. These genetic profiles represent the study of different DNA fragments, the so-called STRs (short tandem repeat), whose features and combinations are unique for each individual.

In each of the DNA fragment subject to analysis, we observe a genetic part inherited from the biological father (Paternal allele) and another from the biological mother (Maternal allele). Each individual inherits an allele from each parent, so the comparison of both enables us confidently assert whether the alleged father we are analysing is the real biological father.

After the comparison, our team carries out a statistical study based on complex calculations of allelic frequencies. This study enables us to conclude our investigation with values exceeding 99.9% reliability.