Certifications: Member of ISFG, CNUFADN, ENAC certification and ISO 17005

NEODIAGNOSTICA, SL. is a biotechnological company specialised in Human Genetics and Toxicology, member of the International Genetic and Forensic Society [Sociedad Internacional de Genética Forense (ISFG)] and the National Committee for the Forensic Use of DNA [Comisión Nacional para el Uso Forense de ADN], as well as collaborator with the laboratories of the Civil Guard, National Toxicology Institutes and Mossos de Escuadra. 

We follow strict informative safety rules under the legal data protection framework, which ensures total confidentiality of samples and results. 


As regards quality standards, Neodiagnostica is a testing laboratory duly accredited by the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC). Thanks to the accreditation, the results are guaranteed by the international ISO-IEC 17025 standard. The objective of this standard is to demonstrate that the analysis laboratory is technically competent and has a valid capacity to produce results.

In the first place, the ENAC accreditation endows full technical quality to the genetic-forensic tests carried out. In the second place, it ensures the reliability of the results of the analyses and DNA tests.

This accreditation also enables the reports issued by accredited organisations to be readily accepted in national and international proceedings, contributing towards eliminating technical barriers. This is of special interest if the profiles are to be included in official databases.

The scope of the accreditation of the laboratory and technical annexes can be seen on the website of the accreditation entity, ENAC.

National Commission for the Forensic Use of DNA (CNUFADN)

Neodiagnostica has been endorsed by the National Commission for the Forensic Use of DNA. This organism of the Ministry of Justice ensures compliance of the ENAC ISO-IEC 17025 accreditation by means of annual certification, as well as passing the increasingly strict, external national and international quality controls in the field of forensic genetics. The annual follow-up shall be performed through the annual exercises organised by ISFG-GEP and GEMDMAP


The CNUFADN certificate qualifies Neodiagnostica, S.L. to upload genetic profiles to the databases held by the Ministry of Justice and other legal procedures.

Our techniques and results are officially approved and are valid in court because we ensure the chain of custody of the samples.