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Highlights Services

Among the products and services that NEODIAGNOSTICA S.L. currently it offers, we highlight the four then be found. Surrogate pregnancy with Judicial value analysis, Prenatal Paternity and tox products and services are highly relevant to our laboratory, both for its official recognition and legal validity, and its enormous importance in future in the life of each person.


 DNA testing in cases of surrogacy is necessary for the legal processing of the newborn in Spanish embassies and consulates worldwide condition. Neodiagnostica S.L. has all the official accreditation for paternity testing and / or maternity issued legal basis to be admitted to any Spanish embassy and consulate in the world

Prenatal Paternity

 The procedure for conducting the DNA test is similar to what would be done in a paternity case, the difference being the method of specimen collection. Such a method will vary depending on the state of pregnancy of the mother chorion biopsy: Available from week 11 to 14. Amniocentesis: Available from week 14 to week 24. All these invasive techniques are currently very safe ; They carry a small risk but that will come with the budget explained.

Family Reunification

 Family reunifications need, in many cases, DNA test. Whether it is a motherhood as if it is a necessary paternity it is genetic testing, consisting of comparing the genetic profiles between the alleged parent and child that wants to regroup. Our laboratory performs genetic testing official and helps you deal with the embassies of Spain in the world, this documentation. We also take care of coordinating appointments for sampling and send reports to the embassy.

Analysis with legal value

 There are important differences between an informative test and a legal test. Evidence in court we follow the sampling protocols required in the legal field. These procedures include formal identification of persons and the establishment of chains of custody.

Analysis of toxic

 Continuous exposure to toxic can cause damage to our health. Discuss any toxic present in your work or daily level and knows if you are exposed to some kind of noxious or harmful substance is.

Quality Policy

 Professionalism, customer orientation, integrity, enthusiasm, involvement and respect are values ​​we share and allow us to fulfill our main objective of resolve by our analysis, doubts and questions our customers may have about their affiliation (kinship) on the genetic identification and exposure to toxic substances (drugs of abuse, drugs, heavy metals, pesticides and other toxic compounds).

Collaborating centers

 Neodiagnostica S.L. as a leading company in the field of molecular biology has a wide network of collaborating centers. Neodiagnostica puts all its human resources to advise you, to help to perform the sampling and to arrange your kits. This service must be hired mandatory in cases of shots of judicial samples, since it must be personal accredited who make the formal identification participants and establish the chain of custody.